Marbled Edition Wooden Sound System

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The German Design Award 2018 winning Wooden Sound System works with any smartphone, is crafted entirely out of wood, and doesn’t need electricity or special connections.

Its specially engineered inner sound tunnel and rings increase music volume by an average of 25dBs. The unique acoustical properties of birchwood deliver a warmer tone, smoother highs, and more prominent bass.

The ancient technique of marbling is used to produce mesmerizing works of art. Utilizing water, natural dyes and unique tools, we use it to produce one of a kind versions of our award winning Wooden Sound System.

The streaked and swirled aesthetic is lovely to look at, and the all-natural birchwood core increases volume by 25 dB's - a perceived increase of 400% - whilst adding a warm, friendly tone to the music.

It's a great gifting piece, with a limited-edition screen-printed cloth package that looks beautiful on a shelf. Handmade by Bitti Gitti Design Workshop.

* Hand Crafted

* Natural Materials

* Universal Dock

* Water Resistant

* Battery Free

Dimensions: 6.8" l x 3.9" w x 1.9" h

Weight: 1.1 lb

N.B. Please note assorted colours, marbling is different and unique on each dock.