Irish Oats & Tea Tree Soap - Deborah Neill

Irish Oats & Tea Tree Soap - Deborah Neill

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Easy cleansing with no chemical nasties. Gentle exfoliation from milled oats and Sweet Orange & Tea Tree to purify blemishes and brighten.

Deborah Neill soaps are all totally 100% natural, responsibly made, and all lovingly handcrafted. They allow their soaps to air dry for at least 6 weeks to give a long lasting and nourishing bar of soap. Handcrafted in small batches using the traditional cold press method and the oils and butters used are food grade ingredients. Each soap has a unique recipe and any additives are pure essential oils and natural botanicals. During the process they create Glycerin which gives handmade soap it’s rich skin hydrating and moisturising properties. 

All the soaps are guaranteed free from chemicals, preservatives, parabens, SLS and palm oil and are fully certified in accordance with EU cosmetic regulations. Each ingredient they use are traceable back to its origin and they never test on animals. Their packaging is recyclable to help minimise their environmental impact. Handmade in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland.