Merry Christmas Porcelain Open Frame - East Of India

Merry Christmas Porcelain Open Frame - East Of India

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This porcelain open frame ‘Merry Christmas’ from East of India is the perfect gift for Christmas. This is a gift that anyone, young or old, can keep and cherish!

Made from white ceramic with a smooth polished finish with a rectangular frame features a house standing with two tree beside. Written at the bottom are the words; ‘Merry Christmas’ in a classic black font embossed onto the front. 

Gift a token that will evoke love and memories every time it’s seen, with thought and meaning. This East of India sentimental hanging frame is perfect for loved ones, friends, and family members or as a little token to say have a Merry Christmas.



Size: 7 x 9.5 x 2 cm

Please note size so as not to be disappointed, gift box provided.