Eucalyptus & Nettle Soap - Deborah Neill

Eucalyptus & Nettle Soap - Deborah Neill

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A wonderful soap for giving the body a stimulating and exfoliating wash – great for all those gardeners to remove stubborn ‘dirt’ from the hands and for using prior to tanning to take away dead skin or for chefs trying to eliminate cooking smells!

The powdered nettle aids in the gentle cleansing of the skin, whilst the finely ground pumice stone will work on rough areas or dead skin.  The formula is full of skin nourishing oils and butters to leave the skin soft and hydrated with the amazing fresh scent blend of Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender essential oils.

This is my favourite soap for the kitchen sink and is made with 100% natural ingredients, preservative, paraben, chemical and both palm and nut oil free.  It is also a vegan formula.